Single Stream Recycling

Revolutionizing Small Town RecyclingFaced with increasing landfill costs or pending landfill closure, communities have several options ranging from relying on systems in communities with greater means or creating their own system. Transportation of all or part of the waste stream is expensive.  Whether you are a hauler, a landfill operator or a municipal government official,  recycling could offer you the opportunity to capture value while creating jobs and extending landfill life in your town.  Done right, single stream recycling offers the ability to make more money on waste than simply burying it.  Sorting locally saves money on handling and transportation.  Read how one local business did it by clicking here


Consumer Goods Recovery

What business is not challenged to keep up with increasing regulations and inflation?  In the case of charities and thrift stores, increased minimum wage laws, government mandated insurance requirements,  and competition for labor make it difficult to accept donations of consumer goods without taking a loss.  At the same time, community donations of used clothing and consumer goods continue to rise.  For some, that also impacts their ability to support other programs that benefit the community.   Revolution Systems can help answer the challenge.  Our system installed in such a facility doubled productivity in 3 months,  reducing storage and labor costs while increasing processing capacity in a tight labor market.  Read how by clicking here.