Recycling costs too much, but it doesn't have to....

In the U. S., thousands of communities lack material recovery facilities. Each of these communities generates over $1 million in recyclable material each year.  Some spend a lot on handling and transportation to collect their recycling and ship it to a place with a large sorting facility.  Others don't bother because shipping is too expensive.   With regulations increasing as we learn more about the negative aspects of land-filling,  burying our trash is getting expensive.

To make matters worse,  despite its high demand for raw material, China has raised the quality standards on its imports of recyclable material.   That's because up to 30% of what we sent them was unusable and ended up in a Chinese landfill.  As a result, prices that used to support the expense of processing recyclables plummeted, making recycling even more difficult and expensive than before.  


We take the cost out and bring the quality up:

The patented Revolution is the most flexible, efficient and affordable sorting system on the market today.  It is 30% more efficient, takes half of the space and costs one third of a traditional system.

Incorporating material flow analysis and team dynamics, this simple system makes single stream and dual stream recycling affordable, delivering higher quality material with less contamination.  It can also sort consumer goods, packages and other material with superior results. Its modular approach allows it to grow with your program.  Read on to learn how.

We Change the Way Communities Recycle

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* Results per 20,000 population