Sorting System Simplicity


We Listened

We developed the patented Revolution©  sorting system after an in-depth analysis of the challenges of recycling and extensive interviews with community leaders, local haulers, landfill operators , community recycling program managers, sustainability experts, thrift store operators, material handing experts, homeowners and businesses.  They identified a need for a system that could serve large and small communities efficiently.   A one-touch separation process nearer consumers would also create opportunity for local businesses and create jobs in the community.

A product, not a project

Revolution Systems’ product-based approach ensures you a high quality low cost solution.  Every Revolution in the field helps us learn and improve our product.  The result is product updates and upgrades.   On the production we use LEAN techniques and advanced manufacturing principles to keep our quality up and our costs low.  At our sorting system test facility, we do the same to identify best operating practices and future product improvements.  We then pass these benefits on to you in superior performance.

Purpose Built Sorting System

Unlike other systems that stitch together conveyors with a platform, the Revolution is a purpose-built machine, designed with your needs in mind.  Multi-pass capability provides staffing flexibility without sacrificing yield.   One-Touch sorting means that once it’s sorted, it’s ready for the truck.  The Integrated control system (feed rates, brushes, balers auxiliary equipment) allows your team to focus on the task and let the system work for them.

At Home Anywhere


The compact system can fit into a 5000-square foot building with 18 feet of overhead. This saves space and the expense of a new building – just right for starting a program or upgrading an existing one.  On top of all of that, the system can be easily upgraded as your program grows and your needs change.

The most productive machine on the market

Startup is just the beginning of increased productivity and lower costs.

Our simple, focused approach pays off in results for our customers.   With centralized control on deck, teams can adjust feed rates, material depth, belt speed and debris removal to optimize their performance.  Working together on the platform, the sort team can flex and support each other as the mix of material changes.  If members shift to baling need to take a break, the team adjusts dynamically.  The result is steady continuous improvement in performance.   The bottom line: lower processing costs and more sustainable programs.  This means jobs for people, profit for businesses and a healthier environment for the community.


The power of people

Automation has its drawbacks and comes with hidden costs.  Besides the high up-front costs, sort automation systems can bring low material quality and contamination.  By keeping an operator in the loop, we are able to maintain higher material quality and lower contamination rates (higher prices) than traditionally automated  systems.  Our one-touch approach allows us to minimize non-value added steps like movement and handling (baling) while optimizing the value added step of sorting.  Minimizing movement and handling reduces the need for and the cost of automating those steps and increases the productivity of the team.  As a result, your return on the investments you do make in automation increases.


The Revolution© is a turn-key system that costs less than the competition while delivering better material at twice the productivity.  It can be configured to match the needs of your current program and  upgraded as your needs evolve.   Curious?  See more,  contact us  or request a quote to to see how a to start a Revolution©  in your community - or check out this case study.