Unlike other systems that stitch together conveyors with a platform, the Revolution is a purpose-built sorting machine, designed with your needs in mind:  Multi-pass capability provides staffing flexibility without sacrificing yield.   One-Touch sorting means that once it’s sorted, its ready for the truck. The Integrated control system (feed rates, brushes, balers and auxiliary equipment) allows your team to focus on the task and let the system work for them. 

 With a compact design, the system can fit into an existing building,  just right for starting a new program or upgrading an existing one.  On top of all of that, the system can be easily upgraded as your program grows and your needs change.

Features and Benefits:

Variable Speed Revolving Sort Table: Enables “Multi-pass One Touch” sorting.   Your operation can scale up or down, depending on how much material you recover while providing for a sorting pace that can accommodate new or experienced crew safely and without sacrificing yields or requiring additional handling.

Circular Shape: enables small footprint and efficient flow so that you can use an existing industrial building or warehouse.   60 foot conveyor length/48 inch width equivalent.

Variable Speed Feed Conveyor: provides additional control of the sorting rate and material depth while accommodating varying mixes of material.

Exit Brush can be raised or lowered to enable Multi-Pass capability and clear debris.

Integrated control system allows complete control of conveyor, brush, sorting and auxiliary equipment from a central location on deck, includes “E-stop” control for safety at at all work stations.

10 Stations provide for recovery of up to 11 separate commodities.

“Multi-pass One Touch:”  Vertical or horizontal balers capture high volume material without additional handling or movement.  Bins, bunkers and transfer conveyors handle lower volume material.

Small Footprint:  Minimizes material travel distance and allows you to use a pre-existing building to keep project costs low and locate the facility nearest the need.  Only 5000 square feet with 18 feet of clearance are needed to get your program moving.
“Tall Enough”: Available in multiple heights, the Revolution© can be placed where other systems can’t go.

Simple Design keeps power requirements low, further reducing your building costs while keeping electricity costs down.

People first.  We focus on minimizing non-value added steps like movement and handling while optimizing the sorting step and facilitating teamwork.  The result is  higher productivity AND high sort quality with low material contamination compared to other systems.  Recent actions in China have made material quality an issue.  One response from material brokers has been to get their customers to use the Revolution.

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