Events and Rural Areas-Bringing Sorting to the source


Revolution Systems is proud to introduce The Roadie®, a mobile sorting system that can be easily transported to locations or events where recyclable materials are generated.  Sporting events, concerts, venues and rural community recycling  facilities may be easily serviced.   Bringing the sorting system directly on site to materials, you can significantly reduce pre-sort transportation costs while improving operational sorting efficiency and material quality yields.  The Roadie® separates materials for baling, improving transportation efficiency for direct shipment to end users.

Like our patented Revolution®, the Roadie® applies cellular manufacturing concepts to material separation, allowing the mobile system to serve the smallest communities as effectively as the custom designed systems in big cities.  Our “One Touch – Multi-Pass” approach allows you to vary crew size to match material recovery rates while ensuring safe sorting operations and minimizing handling.  Self balancing operation accommodates variations in material mix. The circular design facilitates teamwork, productivity and optimal working conditions.

Features and Benefits: 

Mobile:  Mounted on a 26 foot trailer towed by custom truck. Delivers the sorting system nearest the need.

Light Weight:  Less than 10,000 pounds. Does not require a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Small Footprint:  Compact size fits in a pre-existing building, in a barn, under a roof or in a parking lot.

Simple Design:  Easily set up and repacked rapidly.

10 Stations:  Provide for recovery of up to 10 separate materials.

Variable Speed Revolving Sort Table:  Enables “Multi-Pass” sorting which promotes teamwork and productivity.

Circular Shape:  Promotes teamwork and efficient flow, allowing you to match staff to workload.

Variable Speed Feed Conveyor:  Allows additional control of the sorting rate to accommodate varying mixes of material.

Exit Brush:  Can be raised or lowered to enable Multi-Pass” capability and clear residue.


Revolution Systems developed the Roadie® after an exhaustive analysis of the challenges of recycling and extensive interviews with community leaders, local haulers, landfill operators, community recycling program managers, sustainability experts, homeowners and businesses.  They identified a need for a system that could serve small rural communities and special event venues efficiently with effective separation near the source in order to create opportunity for local businesses and create jobs in the local community.

The Roadie® provides maximum flexibility for your recycling program.   Contact one of our representatives to get a Roadie® for your community or venue.


Coming in 2021 – Sidekick® – the complement to Roadie®